Caravan Floor Repair


Before I decided to do this I read many other peoples descriptions on how they did this but couldn’t find any with Photographs, which helps a lot IMO. So I decided to take some pictures as I went along.


When I bought the Caravan in February 2006 there was a small bit of Delamination in front of the Cooker. I wasn’t to bothered about it at the time but as the season went on other bits of Delamination began to appear.
Both in the dining area the dressing room outside the toilet. I then had to purchase acquire all of the bits I would need.
First a trip to my local Caravan shop to buy an Apollo delamination kit, this is a two part epoxy material cost of £31.50.
Next was to buy four lengths of 9mm doweling at £1.99 each.
I also managed to get some of the other things I would need, I managed to borrow from work some 25Kgs weights, Proper paint mixing containers from work to ensure I got the right mix, not that this was difficult, a two to one ratio, and a large shrink wrap bag to cut up to lay over the repair while it cured.

Equipment I used

n9MM Dowels                            
nApollo Delamination Kit
n20Ml Syringes
nSmall Screw driver with the tip bent over
nDevilbis Measuring containers.
nPolythene n25Kgs weights  

 The first thing was to get the caravan up on ramps and tape and brace the floor
If you look closely just above the jack, you can see where I have taped the seams  of the floor using brown parcel tape.



Once the Carpet was removed I then had to decide the spacing and size of the holes.

 I decided on 9mm holes with 10cm spacing
I drilled the first hole using a Hand drill with a 6mm bit to find the depth of the floor.
I then set up a cordless drill with a 9mm bit with a drill stop. And proceeded to drill the holes
Over 200 holes were drilled. I probably went a little overboard but I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any.



Adding the Apollo Mix

When I bought the Apollo I was told it cures in 10 Minutes. If it is done when it is around 5oc  it will take a lot longer then 10 Minutes.
I mixed it up at two parts A, (Large tin) to one part B (Small Tin) I mixed up around 100 ML at a time, and gave it a thorough mixing.
 I then filled the syringe and proceeded to pour it into the holes. I filled one row of holes and then I went back to the first hole and started topping them up.
This is where the small screw driver with the bent over tip was used, it was inserted into each hole in turn and pulled up the top layer of ply slightly away from the insulation to allow the epoxy to flow better between the ply and insulation. I then topped the holes up once more and inserted a 9mm Dowel in each tapping it in lightly with a hammer. I did this until I had covered the first marked out area.


The Weighting (Waiting on it to cure)

This is when the Polythene was laid over the dowels and strips of wood laid in between and  weights placed over this
I then decided I had done enough for one day and didn’t want to rush my first attempt.



The First Test

Curiosity got to me so after about four hours I had a look to see how it was curing.
Remember this is meant to cure in ten minutes.
I had a touch test of the epoxy that had overflowed out of the dowels………
I almost needed a change of underwear it was still wet.?
I left it well alone and all night it went through my head, had I knackered up the mix?  Or was the Apollo out of date?
Next morning I had another look and to my relief it had cured. It was then left for another 24 Hours

Cured Dowels

Sanding back

After I was satisfied it was cured I used a belt sander to sand back the protruding dowels



I just repeated this with the other areas and at this moment I Just have to go and but a new carpet and lay this.
I have to be honest and say this wasn’t done entirely by myself I had a friend help and assistance of Allan Bell  he was the one lying under a damp caravan fixing the  bracing etc. ( I Was too fat and stiff :-P )
I hope I have covered most things, if anyone who reads this has any questions etc, you can contact me at
Please put Delamination in the subject line or I will just delete it, as I do not open Emails I do not recognise from this address.
Thanks and I hope this is of some help to you.